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Friday, June 27th, 2008
1:26 pm - Food for thought.
Pausing briefly in my volunteer cataloguing work to put something interesting in a place I won't forget about it. This is sort of a poem in three parts:

Cut for lengthCollapse )

I wouldn't call myself a radical, but I think the poem contains ideas worth thinking about.

current mood: curious

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
6:54 pm - Critical Reflection Entry 5
I haven't been keeping up with this thing. Some things happened last week that I'm not prepared to reflect on, though I've told a couple of people. The problem with critical reflection is that it demands a state of mind detached enough from events to look at them objectively and not as sources of stress.

Also, rumors of my coping ability have been greatly exaggerated.

Cut to save non-family from undue angst.Collapse )

I'm just hoping this will make my last year of college relatively simple by comparison.

current mood: blah

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Thursday, June 12th, 2008
7:48 pm - NOT a critical reflection entry.
With regards to the last post--yeah, in light of further further information, I just decided to delete some posts from here. It was never my intent to draw attention to myself or anybody else, and I just don't want to screw around with internet spooks possibly getting involved. I still have to do a journal, but if I'm going to make it complete and not walk the line, I'm going to have to keep it private. I'll probably still post here occasionally, but I've come to the conclusion that the internet is for imaginary things only. For example:

This is an imaginary letter.Collapse )

current mood: distressed

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
8:16 pm - Critical Reflection Entry 4-1/2
I found out some things about what not to talk about, so a couple of things got censored with square brackets. I also found out that people actually get notified if Quirk appears in a blog or whatever, so that they can track what people are saying about the books. So, er... hi, Strange People Who Appear to My Mind's Eye as Wearing Dark Suits and Sunglasses?

In other news, it's my birthday, and everyone has been feeding me. It's awesome. My fellow Philly Center students all got together and did a card and made a cake, and made a surprise out of it. It was very cool of them. ^_^ Other people are having birthdays while we're here, too, so there is more fun of this kind in store.

current mood: cheerful

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Friday, June 6th, 2008
8:13 pm - Leonard Nimoy sings!
This is completely random, but I stumbled across this while looking for references for one of my characters. Read the text if you feel like it, but the best part is at the bottom of the page where it says "Click Here." Seriously, if you like Leonard Nimoy or Bilbo Baggins at all, you must see this. It's hilarious.

EDIT: Holy Hand Grenade on a stick. O.0 [/Star Trek geekery]

current mood: geeky

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
9:40 pm - Critical Reflection Entry 1
When I sat down to start this, I had all kinds of ideas about what I would talk about. Now that I'm here, it seems like too much, and I don't know where to start. Today was my second day of work at Quirk Books and my first day of seminar with Dr. Clark at the Philadelphia Center. I've been here in Philly since Saturday, my dorm/apartment is still not completely organized, and I haven't yet gotten around to finding the laundry room or the mail room. My list of suggested prompts for this notebook focus on the internship, but I actually think that's the more straightforward part of this two-part experience. The seminar today really gave me more food for thought.

Today Dr. Clark gave us an overview of what experiential learning is about, starting with the definition of an experience. Things happen to us all the time, but they aren't all experiences. Most of them just slide right by without notice. In discussion, the group came to the conclusion that an experience is something that happens to you in which you actively participate and that is impactful. We can't learn from random events, but we can learn from experiences if we take the time to critically reflect on them.

This required a definition of what it is to criticize. Dr. Clark strung us along a little bit, letting us try to guess at the definition he had in mind. It wasn't what immediately came to mind for me, but it does make sense. To criticize is to measure against some standard, norm, or ideal. (On a related topic, to critique is to question the standards.) So, to reflect critically is to take one's experiences and measure or evaluate them.

All the definitions led into a discussion about language itself--right up my tree. Dr. Clark defined language as a system of symbols (the alphabet) that is secondary to thought and arbitrary, but standardized in our case. There are three basic schools of thought about how language works: First, language reflects reality. Second, language constructs reality. Third, reality constructs language.

I agree that the alphabet is a series of symbols, but I disagree that letters make our language. Some cultures use "letters" that do carry meaning by themselves, but our letters simply stand for sounds, no more. They have no meaning until they are combined to form words, which are the real symbols of the language. Words, not letters, are symbols for ideas, and language doesn't exist without ideas. I didn't get very far trying to point this out in the discussion.

As for how language works, I was happy to hear Dr. Clark's take on intent v. effect. I've had conversations on this subject before. The problem with words is that they will never mean exactly what we think or feel because they all carry so much etymological baggage. We can speak with the best intentions, but if we don't consider our words and the effect they might have on a given listener, we run the risk of being misunderstood. The word we know to mean one thing might mean something else to a listener more familiar with a different definition or connotation. Granted, even with the utmost care, some people will still insist on misunderstanding what we say. They might be avoiding the responsibility to consider the speaker's intentions before jumping to conclusions. However, because we can't control other people, the responsibility to consider the effect our words will have is just as important.

This hasn't been terribly reflective for me personally, but I'm going to cut it short here. I'm not in the habit of putting my thoughts on display, but I am used to summarizing what I've learned. Maybe I hesitate because I have no idea how my thoughts, translated into words, will be received now or further down the road. Still, I'll try to improve on the reflection, and talk more about work while I'm at it.

current mood: sleepy

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008
11:40 pm - Philadelphia Notebook Focus 1
So, I promised my family I'd put my required journals online, just for tab-keeping purposes. It turns out the required journals are sort of guided and weekly instead of daily, but I'm going to do both. Daily entries are for a "Critical Reflection Notebook," which is supposed to help me get as much as possible out of my experience. This one is a guided entry, or "Notebook Focus." Please forgive me if I slip in to semi-academic, impersonal, I'm-making-a-point writing.

Notebook Focus 1: Fitting InCollapse )

Oh--if anyone has recipes for quick, simple meals that go a long way and aren't too expensive, please send them my way. I'd really appreciate it. ^_^

current mood: hungry

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Sunday, June 24th, 2007
1:58 am - RC #999 - Mission 01
This mission needs lots of work yet, but I got it done! Hurrah!

Family TiesCollapse )

The fic PPC'd here is Family Ties by dancing stars.

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Monday, April 9th, 2007
8:51 pm - *SQUEE!*
So there was a writing contest on campus. I took second place for Short Story. ^___^ No first place was awarded, and I'm not entirely sure what that means, but still! There's a cash prize and I'm totally going to frame a dollar and keep it. "First Dollar Made by Writing." It may not be much, but it's a pretty freakin' cool milestone. {= D

The story in question, by the way, is on my deviantART account: Turn, Turn, Turn.

~Neshomeh, off to spread the news all over her social circles.

current mood: Hells yeah!

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Sunday, September 24th, 2006
10:17 pm - Medical fandoms
I didn't think this would ever happen again, but... *sigh* I have a confession. I spent the weekend, in large part, watching the first season of House MD on DVD. Also the first four eps of Season 2. That isn't the confession. I'm confessing complete and total addiction to a TV show that isn't Farscape. I have to face it: the writing is great, the acting is great (Hugh Laurie's eyes have a role all their own), I'm a sucker for bizarre illnesses and their treatment, and I'm also a sucker for brilliant and damaged men. *puts House in a drawer with Erik, Severus, Jekyll, Jarod...*

As for the rest of the characters, Foreman is cool, I can identify with Cameron, Cuddy rocks, and Chase is okay when he isn't being a twit. His accent does nothing for him, sadly. Stacy (or is it Tracy?) has managed not to piss me off so far, which is worth points. Oh, and Wilson! Listed last, but certainly not least. I admire him like I admire the Persian, or John Utterson, or Sydney (whose actor guest-starred as Chase's dad, which is frickin' sweet).

NOTE: I found out by accident what happens at the end of Season 2. It doesn't surprise me, but if anyone spoils me more I'll be upset. *pout*

Now, I wouldn't be posting this without a good reason. I'm wondering if anyone else who watches House also reads Robin Cook novels. I'm wondering because I would dearly love to see a crossover in which House meets Jack Stapleton. The two are similar figures, only Stapleton has a better grip on his personal life (read: he has one). I figure they'd either hate each other or become drinking buddies. Thing is, I'm fascinated by illness and medicine, and I know how the story would have to work, but the details make me balk--otherwise I'd write it myself. So, if anyone knows of such a story, or is interested in the complete plotbunny, do please let me know. I would be most grateful. {= )


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Monday, September 18th, 2006
11:23 pm - YAY!
I took the ACT today. I also got my scores back today. The maximum composite score is 36. The national average is 21. I got 30.

I feel I must note that the composite score is the average of scores in English, math, reading, and science, each of which with a maximum score of 36. My scores in the four areas were, respectively, as follows: 35, 22, 36, and 27. Note the math deficit. I can't say for sure because I don't get to know where and how I screwed up, but I think that has more to do with me being slow at math than it has to do with me being bad at math. If I had not had to guess on about three-eighths of the questions due to time being up, I think that score would be better. Same goes for the science score--I had to guess on about ten of forty questions.

Those are annoying, but not unexpected. The bit that really bugs me is the one missing point in English. I'll never know what mistake(s) I made, which means I can't avoid them in the future. Argh.

All in all, though, I'm rather pleased. In fact, based on this, I'm expecting my college acceptance letter within two weeks. ^_^

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Saturday, September 9th, 2006
3:07 am - ARGH.
Recent events have conspired to convince me I really ought to rant more, so here goes. Today's microdrama is entitled "I Hate Godmoding."

SERIOUSLY, people. There are times when my character's reaction is so flaming obvious that one would have to be dead to miss it, but that's no excuse for putting words in my mouth--especially if one doesn't know me that well. In the event that one has been in a total of two role-plays that include my character, there's no way in hell one can predict his reactions accurately. This is particularly heinous when the godmoding player says "What's a little powerplay among friends?" to justify it.

Furthermore, just because people are goofing off and being silly OOC does not mean that we do not have serious expectations and aims. It is not fun anymore if these aims are arbitrarily thwarted by someone who thinks they know how the story goes. In fact, this behavior defeats the point of role-playing at all. If one wants to micromanage the events and outcomes, one can write one's own story. Otherwise, shut up and let the other players have their say.

current mood: Hissing and spitting

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Monday, August 28th, 2006
10:04 pm - This is interesting.
You scored as Loyalty. You are Loyalty. You have strong bonds with your family, friends, and beliefs.


























Twelve Essences
created with QuizFarm.com

Loyalty... I guess I'd have to agree with that. I don't abandon things lightly, that's for sure. It may take me months or years to complete a project, but by gum, I'll finish if it takes a decade or more. I'm pleased that Truth and Justice followed closely. I suppose I have to agree that I'm not particularly courageous, though. I like to know exactly what I'm getting into. As usual, though, in no category did I score 100%. There are always conditions.

~Neshomeh, except when she isn't. {= P

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Friday, August 25th, 2006
7:12 pm - Superteams!
The Meme, as stolen from Canadianevil

My challenge to you is: Assemble a superteam from your various fandoms.
Your team must consist of the following:

(1) Team Leader (could be anyone, but must have good leadership skills!)
(1) Warrior
(1) Smartypants
(1) Hottie
(1) Comic Relief

All your superteam members must be from DIFFERENT fandoms. I will count SG1/SGA and Buffy/Angel as different fandoms, as well as Marvel and DC, but I'm not going to split Marvel and DC into all *their* different fandoms; this meme would be way too easy if you could just fill all the slots with different superpowered people.

Whether your team has a 'theme' (all girls! all Brits! etc.) and their scope-- whether they fight vampires, serial killers, invading aliens or work to prevent littering-- is up to you. *G*]

The Team

Leader: V, because he's the only one remotely appropriate. (V for Vendetta)
Warrior: Septimus Pyecroft. He's a soldier and he blows stuff up good. (Sharpe's Mission {the TV series})
Smartypants: Erik, because he is. (Phantom of the Opera)
Hottie: Wesley, who needs no explanation. (Princess Bride)
Comic Relief: Stark, the token crazy person. (Farscape)

They Fight Stupidity! At least, they do when they aren't too busy fighting amongst themselves... This theme is really very obvious, I think, but I couldn't resist. ^_^

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Sunday, August 20th, 2006
11:31 pm - Oh, Henry!
I've decided, in lieu of very random circumstances, to collect Henrys. Henries? That looks better. So, collecting Henries. BUT! Not just any Henries. They must be fictional and they must be cool or at least somewhat important. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, here is the beginning of what I hope will be a rather long list:
  • Henry Jekyll - sometimes Edward Hyde - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Henry "Hank" "The Beast" McCoy - mutant and scientist - The X-Men

  • Henry Darrow - precognitive Talent - To Ride Pegasus - Anne McCaffrey

  • Henry Higgins - professor of phonetics - My Fair Lady - Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe

  • Henry Walden Jones Junior - alias Indiana Jones - Indiana Jones and the... - Stephen Spielberg

  • Henry Jones Senior - Indiana's father - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Stephen Spielberg

  • Henry Fussy - Fern's love interest - Charlotte's Web - E.B. White

  • Henry Simmerson, Sir - colonel in the British Army - Sharpe's Eagle - Bernard Cornwell

  • Henry Gale (?) - Dorothy's uncle - The Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum

  • Henry Braymore Blake - lieutenant colonel - M*A*S*H - Robert Altman

  • Henry ??? - alias Slevin Kelevra - Lucky Number Slevin</a> - Paul McGuigan

EDIT: Last update 9.19.06


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Saturday, August 12th, 2006
3:32 pm - 'Tis a fandom meme.
Tell me of a fandom you know I know of and I'll tell you:

1. The character I first fell in love with.
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now.
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't.
4. The character I love that everyone else hates.
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer.
6. The character I would shag anytime. (N/A)
7. The character I'd want to be like.
8. The character I'd slap.
9. A pairing that I love.
10. A pairing that I despise.

Wheee! If you're not sure of a fandom, feel free to guess. The results could be entertaining.

And, in other news...Collapse )

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
11:01 pm - Tagged.
Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with six random facts about yourself. In the end you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

Random, eh? All right... here are some things people probably don't know about me:

1. I have a strange empathy for cats. I'm more sensitive about cats than about any other animal, including people much of the time. For example, I never had any trouble with biology dissections until it came to the cat. Then I couldn't look. (I haven't seen a cadaver, though, so it remains to be seen whether I could cope with that.)

2. I'm not a vegetarian, per se, but I often prefer veggie food and fish over animal meat.

3. I have a mole just off my right eyebrow. Apparently it would've been considered a "beauty mark" back in the day.

4. My younger brother and I have been mistaken as a couple multiple times. It's freaky. Just because he's taller than me now...

5. I'm currently reading "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson. It took "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," both "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, and "Treasure Planet" to get me there.

6. I got my hair cut short a few weeks ago. Ten inches go to Locks of Love.

Now, I tag all six people on my friends list who haven't got this thing already. ^_^; (If there aren't six, well... You! Yeah, you! Tag! You're it!)


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Sunday, July 16th, 2006
12:37 pm - I enjoy quizzies.
I'm supposed to be going on vacation about now, but I guess people are taking their time getting ready. *sigh* Meantime, found some fun stuff to share via Ori's LJ.

You Are A Hornbeam Tree

You are a reserved person, looking in from the outside.

Naturally attractive, you take good care of your looks.

You are not egoistic, and you make life as comfortable as possible.

You look for kindness in others - though you are seldom happy with yourself.

A bit mistrusting and unsure, you dream of being swept away by someone unusual.

You Were a Koala

You value living life at a slow, peaceful, meditative pace.

You give insightful advice, helping others to overcome obstacles.

Your Fortune Is

It is better to lose a lover than love a loser.

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!

You drink everyone under the table.

...Except that I don't drink. >.> And I think that's enough for now. See ya!

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Thursday, July 13th, 2006
2:02 pm - WTF?
I snurched this from Twiggy (user cazrolime):

I am 100% likely to survive a zombie pirate attack!

Would you survive a zombie pirate attack?
Find out if YOU can survive at Shiver My Timber-- A Pirate RPG.

I don't get it. I have no weapons, no skills, and I'm not a Jedi or anything cool like that. For "which describes you best," I picked "Normal guy cursed by endless bad luck." I'd include the whole thing, but I don't know how to do cuts yet.

EDIT: Here's the whole thing.Collapse )

I suppose I'm getting by on wits alone, or something...

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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
6:53 pm - First official rant!
Don't get me wrong, I don't intend everything I post here to be a rant. The title is mostly for the sake of the pun and it's only coincidence that the first thing I find worth talking about involves ranting. Anyway, here we go.

In a nutshell, I've been spammed on deviantART. Some idjit I'd never heard of sent me two copies of a threatening note, as follows:

> 'Make your time.'

> DarkLinkthe2nd [link] & DarkLinkthe3rd [link] have had enuff of ur crap.

> "...You've been warned by others, now it is time to end your existance on DA."

And that's it. Investigation revealed that the latter account doesn't exist anymore, but the former included a journal entry with some sob-story about being flamed. Now, anyone reading this knows I've never flamed in my life. The journal contained responses from people similarly threatened, most of whom had also never heard of this character. It looks as though the spam was a cheap way of getting page views. -_-;

My response was to report the guy. I also sent a reply note to the active account:

> 'Regarding your notes to me...'

> Hi. You should know that I, along with the others you've spammed, do not appreciate it at all. Furthermore, I'm insulted by your use of chatspeak. Since your other account seems to be nonexistant, I have reported this one. I hope you'll make better choices in the future.

> ~Neshomeh

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